It is possible to
search for a room
even from overseas


Is it okay that I can’t speak Japanese?


We provide our service in Japanese, English and Indonesian so please rest assured. For other languages, we will be using translation etc.


Can I rent a room without a guarantor?


It depends on the apartment owner but if you pass the inspection of an insurance company, it is possible to rent without a guarantor. However, an emergency contact address is still necessary.


Can I search for an apartment in Japan from overseas?


Yes, you can search for a room in Japan from your home country. We will guide you to see the room via Zoom Meeting application.


If I found a room that I like, is it possible to keep it?


In principle, we can’t keep it for you. It is only possible to keep a room under the condition that you are going to move in, fill the application form and submitted an ID (such as passport). Also, it is not possible to reserve a room through verbal agreement only.


How long does it take to move in after deciding a room?


It usually takes 2 weeks to move into a room that has completed house cleaning. If the house cleaning hasn’t been completed yet, the move-in date will differ depending on the property.



Hello! I’m an Indonesian who has been living in Japan since 2019. I can communicate in English, Japanese and Indonesian, so for international students who have a difficult time searching for an apartment due to language barrier, please don’t hesitate to pay a visit to our shop!

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